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Mojave Desert Tortoise App available at the Apple App Store and Droid Market!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Mojave Desert Tortoise iPhone and Droid application. It is available for free download through the Apple App Store and Droid Market starting today. This launch is nine months in the making resulting in a new tool for greater outreach to the public on the subject of the Desert Tortoise. The two main goals of this application are to help provide education to the public on the Desert Tortoise and make available crowdsourcing data results for the various agencies within the Mojave Desert. We look forward to the wide spread use of the application and the results from users who download the application. At this time, individuals who own an Apple or Droid mobile device can use this application. There is interest in providing this application on the BlackBerry devices, but no immediate plans are scheduled at this time. Please visit either MDEP’s main website for more information at under mobile data support or go to the link below to see the application in the Apple App Store or Droid Market.**Link only works on Droid phone with Android Market App, not in a web browser.

Contact: Fon Duke

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